3 keys to maintain Post-Massage Zen

Have you ever gotten a massage or bodywork and felt so peaceful and calm only to walk out the door and it all disappear as soon you check your text messages or drive in traffic? If so, then you are not so different from the rest of the world but you have the ability to keep that peace as long as you want.

1. Change your prospective.

Buddhist teachings shows us that life’s problems are only problems because we look at them as such. If we look at our difficulties as opportunities to grow or learn rather than problems, then that peace is much less disturbed.

2. Recognize the beauty around you.

So often we hurry through our day and forget to see how amazing the world is. As you’re driving, look into the sky. Whether it’s a beautiful blue sky, or a calming rainy day, a scene of mountains in the background or the greenery of a forest, recognize how beautiful and amazing this world is. When we can appreciate the little things, peace is easier to maintain.

3. Love all living beings.

Most people in this world are doing the best they can with what they have been given, it may not always seem like the case but if we come from a place of empathy and forgiveness, it opens our heart to feel more deeply.


These things are much easier said than done, but if we are able to apply these principles to our life,

our world would be a much more peaceful place. We can’t control or have power over much, but our

mind we do. Change your mind, change your life!